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All BRITA filters provide high filtration performance while effectively reducing a number of substances that can negatively affect taste or odour such as chlorine. Additionally, BRITA filters are easy to install, set up and store.


BRITA MAXTRA+ / BRITA MAXTRA+ Limescale Expert cartridge:
The innovative BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge provides up to 4 weeks of fresh, filtered water. Its ion exchange resin reduces both carbonate hardness (limescale) and metals such as copper and lead. The activated carbon reduces substances that can impair taste, such as chlorine and chlorine compounds (where present).


BRITA MicroDisc:
The compact and powerful BRITA MicroDisc filters up to 150 litres of water and lasts for up to 4 weeks. Its ActivSelect feature stops unwanted elements that impact the taste of water, such as chlorine, while allowing minerals like calcium and magnesium to pass through.

The new MAXTRA+ has been improved in many ways. The most significant advancement is the new MicroFlow technology. This technology is based on Micro Carbon Pearls which are smaller than the previously used Carbon earls. Therefore, they have more contact to the water leading to a better reduction of taste-impairing substances, as they are locked away in millions of pores of the Micro Carbon Pearls. Furthermore, the new mixture leads to a better balanced pH value in the filtered water which leads to an improved taste of tea and coffee. Additionally, a higher filling volume leads to a better filter performance. On top, the finer universal filter cartridge grid effectively controls the exit of fine particles (black bits) and reduces rough particles even better. To answer even better to different consumer needs, BRITA has launched MAXTRA+ LImescale Expert for powerful limescale reduction in hard water areas. The better hardness reduction of MAXTRA+ Limescale Expert is caused by a larger amount of Ion-exchange pearls that reduce hardness.

Living in a hard water area requires the MAXTRA+ Limescale Expert. For medium and soft hardness, the MAXTRA+ Universal cartridge is sufficient. The local administration services provide detailed information about water hardness, e.g. for Beijing or for Shanghai.

Both the BRITA MAXTRA+ and MicroDisc filters have been designed for quick and easy installation.​


BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge:​

Simply fill a jug or bowl with water. Immerse the BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge in cold water and shake it gently to remove any air bubbles. Insert the cartridge into the funnel of the jug and run water two times through the filter. After having discarded the first two litres, you are now ready to use your BRITA filter.​


BRITA MicroDisc:​

Before using the MicroDisc for the first time, place it under running water and lightly rub both sides with your fingers for approx. 30 seconds. This effectively removes any loose carbon dust that may be present.​


You should ideally store your BRITA water receptacles in a cool place, for example in the fridge. You should also ensure the receptacle is not stored in direct sunlight and you should use the water in the receptacle within one day.



BRITA water filter systems are designed for use only with municipally treated tap water or with water from private supplies which has been approved as safe to drink,which complies with relevant laws, regulations, rules and National Standards in respect of hygiene, supplier, source, parameters and other criteria.

MAXTRA+ cartridge life depends on the local water quality, for example on water hardness. To ensure optimum performance you should change your BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge every 4 weeks. To remind you of the next cartridge change, your BRITA water filter jug is equipped with a cartridge exchange indicator.

All BRITA filter systems help to greatly reduce the consumption of plastic bottles. Due to their high recyclability, BRITA components make a positive and sustainable difference on the environment.

If properly stored, all original BRITA cartridges can be kept for 4 years. Proper storage includes a temperature between 1°C and 50°C, with no direct sunlight or heat , while the cartridge remains sealed them in its original sealed package.

All BRITA water filters are dishwasher-safe up to 50°C. They may also be washed by hand using warm, soapy water and a sponge. Please note that the BRITA Memo in the lid is not dishwasher safe and should not come into prolonged contact with water. To avoid discolouration, never fill with liquids and juices that easily stain. For more information, please refer to the instruction manual.

Ideally, you should use filtered water within one day. Should your BRITA water filter not be in use for a prolonged period of time (for example while you are on holidays), BRITA recommends that you take out the MAXTRA cartridge, discard any water left inside the BRITA water filter and loosely insert the MAXTRA cartridge again.

BRITA offers replacement parts (upon availability) for its products.

​Yes, with the practical fill&go Vital, you can enjoy filtered BRITA water anywhere. Simply fill with tap water and you are ready to enjoy!

The fill&go Vital may only be used with municipally treated cold tap water provided by your local water authority. This water is constantly controlled and according to legal regulations safe to drink. If an instruction is received from the authorities that mains water must be boiled, then BRITA filtered water must also be boiled. When the instruction to boil water is no longer in force, the entire bottle must be thoroughly cleaned and a new MicroDisc inserted. For certain groups of people (e.g. those with impaired immunity and babies), it is generally recommended that tap water should be boiled; this also applies to filtered water. BRITA filtered water is a foodstuff intended for human consumption; you should therefore use the water in your flll&go Vital within one day.

The new and improved activated carbon MicroDisc filter, for use in the BRITA fill&go Vital, lasts 4 weeks.

​Definitely, because just one BRITA filter is capable of filtering 150 litres of water, or 300 half litre water bottles. And a litre of BRITA filtered water costs less than one dollar.

The fill&go Vital is a sensible and sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and helps to reduce their use. And that's a win-win situation for your wallet and the environment.

The drinking bottle is made of high-quality, BPA-free synthetic material and has been certified as food grade quality by the German Technical Inspection Institution.

Yes, all components of the BRITA fill&go Vital drinking bottle are dishwasher safe.

The drinking bottles come in two trendy colours: pink and blue.

The innovative activated carbon filter reduces contaminants that can impair odour or taste in drinking water. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium can pass through the filter.

The fill&go Vital water bottle can hold up to 600ml of water.

Yes. The BRITA fill&enjoy Style XL is dishwasher-safe up to 50 degrees Celsius. Please note that the BRITA Smart Light is not dishwasher-safe and should be removed before you put the lid in the dishwasher. To avoid possible discolouration of your BRITA water filter, please do not wash it together with dirty plates, dishes, cups, etc., as any food residue on these may permanently blemish your filter. You may clean the BRITA Smart Light by hand using a soft and damp cloth or sponge.

Yes. Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge. Dry with a soft towel, or air-dry the BRITA Style XL away from direct heat. Avoid any abrasives – even baking soda – as they will dull the finish and/or leave scratches.​

The new BRITA fill&enjoy Style XL carrier comes with the new and advanced MAXTRA+ Universal cartridge. The former MAXTRA cartridges will NOT fit into the new carrier.

​​Exhausted MAXTRA+ Universal cartridges may be disposed of like regular refuse.

​​Press the LED button on top of the lid for ~5 sec until you see the light fading in and out 3 times in green. The BRITA Smart Light is now set and ready to use. The LED button will start flashing yellow during usage if it is time to stock-up with a new cartridge. As soon as it is flashing red it is time to replace your cartridge. This will be the case after 4 weeks or 100 L of consumption assuming a typical pouring flow.

​To insert the BRITA Smart Light into the lid simply turn it from the bottom of the lid clock-wise into the lid as far as it will turn. Turn counter clockwise to remove it.

​​The BRITA Smart Light has a life of approximately five years. At the end of its life please remember that it must be disposed according to all applicable provision and regulations. To dispose of the exhausted BRITA Smart Light containing a battery please remove it from the lid by turning it anti-clockwise.

​​Green light: MAXTRA+ Universal cartridge filters with optimum performance. 

Yellow light: It is nearly time to replace your cartridge, please stock up.

Red light: Please exchange your cartridge. This will be the case after either 4 weeks or 100 l of filtered water usage assuming a typical pouring flow.

​You can monitor the status of your filtration performance any time. Simply press on the LED button on top of the lid with your finger to see the current filter status. During every use of the BRITA fill&enjoy Style XL water filter the BRITA Smart Light will tell you whether it is time to change the cartridge through different coloured flashing lights.

​​No. BRITA fill&enjoy Style XL is designed for use only with water that has been tested as safe to drink according to legal regulations, such as municipally treated tap water.

No, the BRITA fill&enjoy Style XL will not fit into standard refrigerator door shelves.

​​BRITA fill&enjoy Style XL comes in three trendy colours: grey, blue and lime.

mypure pro X9 is a filter system which is based on Ultra Filtration Technology. Its Prefilter reduces particles, the Ion Exchanger reduces limescale, the Carbon Block reduces chlorine, metals, pesticides, industrial pollutants and organic impurities and the Ultra Filtration Pro reduces 99.99% of virus, 99.9999% of bacteria, as well as asbestos and cysts.

Yes, the 4-Stage Ultra Filtration Pro System removes 99.9999% of bacteria such as brevundimonas diminuta and 99.99% of viruses such as coliphage virus MS2.

mypure pro series features with "Mineral X Technology", which reduces the limescale, while at the same time leaves natural minerals which is essential to human body

mypure pro X9 is a 4-stage water filter system. The first filter contains a prefilter which reduces particles. The second filter contains ion exchanger to reduce hardness and prevent limescale. The third cartridge contains step three and four. Step three is an activated carbon block which reduces chlorine, metals, pesticides, industrial pollutants and organic impurities. The fourth step is an Ultra Filtration Pro membrane which reduces 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of virus as well as cysts and other harmful substances such as asbestos.

The BRITA Cartridge Status Indicator which is inegrated into the dispenser shows when a cartridge exchange is necessary.

The exchange is easy and fast and can be done by the user.

The flow rate of mypure pro X9 is 3.5 L/min. depending on the pressure of your main water line.

Yes, the Ultra Filtration Pro membrane and the Carbon Block reduce metals such as lead.

mypure pro X9 is installed under the sink. As no pump or tank are required, it is silent, space-saving and electricity-free. It guarantees 100% of incoming water is filtered and no waste water is produced.

mypure pro X9 filter cartridges (3 cartridges) replacement cycle is up to 12 months. Among them, the prefilter is recommended to replace every 3~6 months. The lifetime indicator which is integrated into the tap shows the filter status via different colors. Replacement cycle may vary due to tap water quality and the filtered water consumed. Therefore, the recommended replacement cycle is only for reference. What's more, Brita after-sale service will notify the consumer to replace cartridges in time.

BRITA mypure pro X9 can be installed in most kitchens as it is compact and does not require much space under the sink.

Like mypure pro X9, mypure pro X6 is a 4-stage water filtration system. It works with a prefilter to reduce particles, an ion exchange filter to reduce limescale and a carbon block which reduces chlorine, metals, pesticides, industrial pollutants and organic impurities. The fourth stage is an Ultrafiltration membrane which reduces 99.999% of bacteria such as brevundimonas diminuta as well as cysts and other harmful substances like asbestos.

While systems using RO and UV technology can both filter 99.99% bacteria, Filtration system using RO membrane cannot retain minerals in the water. However, mypure pro reduces limescale and more importantly leaves natural minerals needed . Systems using UV technology sometimes have challenges with fast water flow rate. If the flow rate is too fast it may not able to reach the bacteria reduction rate claimed. With Ultra Filtration Technology, mypure pro X9 can filter up to 99.9999% bacteria and 99.99% virus without electricity, and no waste water will be produced. It also save space because of the compact

mypure pro X3 is a 3-stage micro carbon filtration system. It works with a prefilter to reduce particles, an ion exchange filter to reduce limescale and a carbon block which reduces chlorine, metals, pesticides, industrial pollutants and organic impurities.

The replacement bundles can be purchased from these channels.
1.Authorised E-stores (availble in Quarter 2, 2019)
2.Place order by dialing Brita hotline. The cartridges will be delivered and replaced by professional technician.
3.Place order from official wechat. The cartridges will be delivered and replaced by professional technician.

1.Register yourself on official wechat and book the service. Professional technician will visit your home and provide FOC installation.
2.Dial Brita hotline 4009-218-318 and book the service. Professional technician will visit your home and provide FOC installation.